Interested in saving dramatically on your billing-related postage costs? Now you can—with TransForm Service Billing Postcards (UBCs). Designed for non-confidential billing, TransForm UBCs work with your existing accounting software to produce an invoice, remittance stub and peel-off return label-all on one convenient form. With a single pass through any non-impact printer, plus a quick fold and seal, your UBC is ready for mailing.
And the postcard format means you save nearly 50% on billing-related postage costs!

TransForm UBCs are a truly unique option for invoicing your customers. In fact, without TransForm Software, no accounting program today has the ability to output your billing data to this unique postcard format.

To remit payment, recipients simply remove the remittance stub and insert it into an envelope along with their payment. TransForm UBCs even include a handy peel-off address label for the outgoing envelope. The added convenience encourages faster payments, so you collect your money sooner.

Why TransForm Utility Billing Postcards?

  • Save nearly half on postage costs
  • Save time with one-step utility bill printing
  • Eliminate the need for pre-printed forms
  • Encourage faster payments with convenient remittance functionality
  • Convey a consistent, professional image to your customers
  • No folding or post-finishing equipment required
  • High-contrast addressing for reject-free postal sorting
  • Forms meet all U.S. Postal Service regulations

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